Madison Sherie’s Crochet

Maddy, a freshman at UNR, crochets for charities and youth groups locally. She crochets as a hobby, and never runs out of holiday presents as a result.


“Well I started like three or four years ago I think. I kinda just taught myself how to do it because it seemed cool.”

“I started with a hook, a crochet hook that’s got a string attached to the end that you knit with. I couldn’t do it tight enough that I was satisfied with, so I got myself regular crochet hooks and taught myself how to actually crochet.”


“I pretty much just watch youtube videos, to learn, and I have books on it but I don’t understand them. I wing shit, all the time.”

“Sophomore year when I went to Poland I made 20 hats for the kids I was gonna see and I got to give every kid a hat. I got to the point where I could make a hat, a beanie, in like an hour and a half. That was fun, I made a lot.”

“My church partners with a church in Poland, and so it was basically the church working with a half-way house, where kids who aren’t in a foster home or haven’t been adopted live, so that was the kids we worked with and we renovated their place. So I brought the hats and my sister brought little rubber band things, crosses, and it was really cute.”


“One year for Christmas I crocheted all my christmas presents. I made my dad a viking helmet with a beard, and my uncle a knight’s helmet.”

“Junior year for my english class, we had to pick a project, so mine was about crochete and stuff. So yeah I taught my mom how to so she helped me with the hats a little bit. Knitting I don’t know how to do as well.”


Me: “So what’s the difference between knitting and crochet for a complete novice?”

“Knitting is with two needles… Crochete is just, an actual hook and you only use one.”


“It’s definitely a hobby more than anything. I thought about doing an etsy page and selling stuff, but that’s a lot of work and I would have to do it a lot just to make any money off of it.”

“And I made my cousin a scarf that year too.”



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